Cocoa Jackson was established in 2018, named after a laneway in Brunswick.

A Melbourne based business inspired by the cafe culture and laneways of our cool city filled with interesting people, different lifestyles and cultural identities. As much as we enjoy good coffee in this city, we’ve found that the quality of all cafe beverages weren't always on par with the coffee they use, especially the drinking chocolate.

So we wanted to create a simple and straightforward drinking chocolate that's made with the most minimum and deliciously approachable ingredients targeted towards the Melbourne cafe connoisseurs. Designed to be user friendly for both cafe operators and home chocolate drinkers.

Our products are free from fillers like starches, milk products and flavouring enhancers. Vegan friendly with only 2 ingredients: ethically sourced cocoa and Australian cane sugar.

To contact us please send enquiries to contact@cocoajackson.com.au